RainTree Dating Reviews is a service that was established by a group of individuals who have experienced a wide variety of matchmaking encounters over the years.

One day, five friends found themselves discussing their various dating experiences, including dating and matchmaking through a variety of Internet-based services.

Some of the experiences were extremely successful, some less so and some were, frankly, quite horrific.

The RainTree friends decided to create a website that would provide a venue where singles (and people who had once been single) could share their experiences with others to enable them to choose the best matchmaking programs with the highest rate of success.

The RainTree philosophy is that each a community of single (and once-single)people can join together to provide dating site information that will make the next person’s dating activities that much easier with a higher possibility of success.


Each company starts off with 4 star ratings which will either be lowered or raised based on incoming user reviews.