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Raintree is an independent dating review site where individuals who have experience dating through commercial enterprises are invited to share their reviews and complaints with other interested individuals.

Raintree accepts all first-person accounts of dating sites and matchmaking services which both satisfied and non-satisfied clients may share on the Raintree site. 

To submit a review a reviewer must be 18 years of age. Users may not be associated with any commercial enterprise.  Users agree to accept responsibility for all postings and, if their postings are found to be fraudulent, may be prosecuted for libel. 

Raintree does not sponsor content or take any responsibility for any content posted on the site. Raintree does not accept responsibility for proving the accuracy of any feedback posted on the site. Site visitors are responsible for reviewing the praises, comments, criticisms and complaints which are listed on the site and deciding for themselves how they wish to relate to these postings.   

False, intentionally misleading, or defamatory material constitutes violations of third-party rights including copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights and additional intellectual property and may be subject to prosecution. 

Raintree reserves the right to use submitted content in a number of ways including displaying the material, promoting it, distributing it and incorporating it into advertisements. Any dating reviews or dating complaints which are submitted to Raintree become the exclusive property of Raintree which may then utilize or incorporate the material in any way that it wishes.  

To submit feedback about a dating enterprise, company or site, users are requested to write their review in no more than 300 words and send it to 

Feedback should, in addition to the general comments, include the reviewer’s full name, location and a contact email.