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Services: Internet matchmaking, ability to connect profiles

Location: North America, Mexico, South America

Ages: All

Cost: $8/3 months; $13/1 month

Payment Methods: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

African American Dating Network Complaints and Reviews


The African American Dating Network is part of the TangoWire company,  a network of over 3,500 websites which offers access to more than 50 online dating communities

User reviews regarding the African American Dating Network are generally positive. Membership is free and new members are invited to submit a general profile that covers basic information about their backgrounds, educations, family situations, interests and personal habits.

After submitting a profile each new member is able to view the profiles of other individuals who have registered, see their photos and read a general biography about each.

Upgrading a membership to African American Dating Network involves the ability to sign up for a one-month membership or a membership of a longer term. A membership upgrade enables members to view the site without the ads which otherwise accompany the site, see more user profiles at a faster rate, gain unlimited access, identify the profiles of people who are premium members, access SmartMatches, access who can view the member’s photo, access the advanced search and send messages with gifts.

In addition, the staff of the African American Dating Network will contact members at intervals to ascertain the members’ impressions and reviews of the service and discuss any complaints which the member may have—a person who is sending inappropriate messages or any other difficulty with navigating the site.

The African American Dating Network service aims to run smoothly and offer top service to its members. 

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