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Services: Internet matchmaking, ability to connect profiles

Location: North America, Mexico, South America

Ages: All

Cost: $20/month; $10/month for 6 months or more

Payment Methods: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Amor Dating Complaints and Reviews


Amor Dating is an Internet dating services in which the matchmaking needs of the Latino community are addressed. The service reviews Latino dating requirements and provides dating solutions to meet the community’s needs. There is a large database of Spanish-speaking singles and other individuals who come from Spanish-speaking families (but may, themselves, not speak Spanish) from which to choose. 

Amor offers a user-friendly website which individuals of all ages and computer literacy skills will find easy to navigate. All of the site information is listed in Spanish and in English, as well as information about where and how to register any complaints about any members who are disruptive. 

After the free sign-in, a convenient process in which the questions revolve around the individual’s educational background, interests, profession and family status, the new member is able to conduct reviews of the profiles of other Amor members for free. All singles are eligible to join Amor including individuals with a Latino background or others who are interested in dating a Latino partner.  Amor also has a membership base in Mexico and South American countries, allowing members to browse members’ profiles in these areas as well. 

Membership upgrade involves access to the chatroom and the ability to receive and send messages to any Amor member. There is also an option to receive and send video and/or audio messages. The service presents a comfortable and convenient matchmaking alternative though membership numbers vary from region to region. 

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