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Services: Internet matchmaking, Canadian online dating

Location: Canada

Ages: All

Payment Methods: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Canada Personals Complaints and Reviews


Canadian Personals offers Internet dating solutions to Canadians who want to find their life partner within the Canadian community. The service is free, allowing singles to create their profile and join the service at any time. Each individual can post their profile instantaneously and use the free opportunity for reviews of the profiles of millions of other members.  It is possible to conduct a search for members who live in a member’s general area or expand the search to expand the area of focus.  All members can send “smiles” to any other member to say “hello” and break the ice. Premium members can begin the process of sending emails. 

Upgrading to a premium Canadian Personals membership enables members to send emails though all members can reply to an email, whether or not they’ve taken out a premium membership. Other premium membership enhancements include including a photo on a profile, establishing a Favorites List and joining in the SmartMatch. 

Favorites lists involve a member’s ability to see a list of members who have recently viewed their profile.  Adding other members to a Favorites list is a way to quickly locate these people without using the Search by Handle feature. This is particularly helpful when the Search by Handle feature fails to work because a member changed their handle. The Favorites list is automatically updated if someone changes their handle.

Another feature, the SmartMatch, analyzes activity on the site to find high levels of overlap. SmartMatch displays members’ profiles which have not yet been viewed, allowing members the opportunity to identify members who have similar profiles and behaviors as those with whom a member has already interacted. A score measures the strength of the match.

Any complaints about a member’s behavior which are found to be legitimate will result in that member being excluded from the program. 

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