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Services: Matchmaking for Vancouver-area singles

Branches: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle

Ages: All

Divine Matchmaking Complaints and Reviews


Divine Matchmaking operates out of Vancouver Canada, with activities in Toronto, Seattle and Calgary as well. The service brings together singles whose backgrounds, interests, professional lives and goals to create a long-term serious relationship match. Divine Matchmaking specializes in professionals, artists, executives and individuals who are involved in the business world. Most clients are in their late 20s through early 40s.

The service relies on a custom matchmaking program that ensures that members are introduced to suitable partners. The matches are created by Divine Matchmaking’s trained staff members who meet with each member for an interview and evaluation. The matchmakers create the member’s profile based on reviews of their interviews.

Divine Matchmaking staff members conduct discreet and targeted inquiries on behalf of each member, aiming for quality introductions as opposed to frequent—and oftentimes inappropriate—dates. The members are all pre-screened to ensure the safety of all members.

Once Divine Matchmaking staffers have screened and selected an appropriate match for a member, they will proceed to organize meeting venues for the first several dates. The staff members “debrief” the members after their dates to ascertain whether the partners wish to meet again, whether only one partner wishes to meet again or whether both partners agree that they prefer not to meet again. The staff members can often ascertain a possible match, even when the partners are unsure, and when appropriate the staff members will offer “Love Coaching” sessions to provide members with advice and suggestions to enhance their dating experience and build on a tenuous beginning.  

Divine Matchmaking maintains complete confidentiality throughout all matches. Staffers do not provide last names or identifying details about any member unless the member has given his/her approval. Member complaints about an individual who behaves inappropriately may result in that person’s dismissal from the service. 

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