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Services: Internet-based social introductions

Location: North America

Ages: All

Cost: $60/month; $21/month for 12 months

Payment Methods: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

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The eHarmony program of social introductions is based on a scientific system which employs a Relationship Questionnaire that reviews the sentiments that individual express as they consider what they want in a relationship. The questionnaire then allows the eHarmony relationship staff to meet those expectations.

eHarmony’s Relationship Questionnaire is revealing and comprehensive, and its penetrating questions are what differentiates eHarmony from the competing online matchmaking programs.

Following completion of the Relationship Questionnaire, individuals receive a free, in-depth Personality Profile that forms the base for Harmony staff to use when they create social introductions. eHarmony believes that when an individual really understands him/herself, matchmaking dates will be easier and more successful. The eHarmony Compatibility Matching System uses the Personality Profile to search from among millions of registered eHarmony members to identify those individuals who are highly compatible.

eHarmony carefully prescreens every match based on its core 29 Dimensions to ensure compatibility. eHarmony believes that these 29 Dimensions form the crux of relationship success. eHarmony’s 29 Dimensions measures compatibility by reviewing the key areas which are critical for relationship success. Thanks to this system, eHarmony is able to consistently deliver compatible matches. If a suggested match does not seem appealing, the member can simply refuse the match and wait for the next one to appear. Up until this point the entire program is free.

Once a suitable match has been suggested, the eHarmony member joins the program. There are several different membership levels, depending on whether the individual wants to join for one month or for longer. eHarmony’s Guided Communication and eHarmony mail options are available to help couples break the ice online before they meet in person. Complaints are dealt with promptly and efficiently.  

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