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Services: Internet matchmaking

Location: United States, UK, Canada, China, New Zealand, Australia

Ages: All

Cost: Each event is priced individually

Payment Methods: Credit Card or phone

Fastlife Speed Dating Complaints and Reviews


FastLife hosts thousands of speed dating and singles events every year in cities all over the world. Events are geared towards the interests and expectations of various singles’ populations including individuals who are committed to healthy living, travel lovers, college-educated people, professionals, sports enthusiasts, outdoors enthusiasts, tall/short people, etc. 

Fastlife events are announced well ahead of time and singles can register to attend an event at their leisure. Most FastLife events are held on weeknights. Fastlife coordinates the events to ensure that the male-female ratio at each event is approximately 50-50. At the event itself the participants have a specific amount of time to circle the room and speak to other participants, generally for no more than three minutes per person. 

Following the event each participant submits a list of the people that perked their interest. The FastLife staff reviews these lists to determine if two people identified each other as individuals that they’d like to meet again. If this happens the Fastlife Speed Dating staff will send each participant an email with the contact information of the other person. At this point the participants themselves can make the connection and continue with their social introduction. The average Fastlife event produces a match rate of 90% with most people averaging around 3 matches per event.

Fastlife offers two main types of events, Evolved Speed Dating which are events that are suitable to everyone and Prestige Speed Dating which are for specific populations. The Fastlife staff pre-screens participants and works with members to solve any complaints about inappropriate participant behavior. 

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