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Services: Internet matchmaking

Location: Worldwide

Ages: All

Cost: $23/month Silver membership and $35/month Gold membership

Payment Methods: Credit Cards

Friend Finder Complaints and Reviews


Friend Finder offers a matching system for every population including individuals of varying ethnicities, religions, interests, backgrounds, professional lives, educational levels, etc. Trial users can conduct reviews of profiles and participate in some of the chat rooms while paid members have access to instant messaging, blogs, forums, live video cams, emailing and magazine articles. 

Friend Finder is one of the most popular Internet dating sites, though many of the profiles are fake or inactive. The quality of the matches, however, is impressive, due to the site’s significant database. 

The initial Friend Finder profile is simple and quick, with basic questions regarding the individual’s physical appearance, location and family status. There is a longer, more involved profile as well which delves more into users’ interests, personalities and lifestyles. 

Non-paying members can respond to a person who contacts them, but only paid members may initiate contacts. Free members can wink at other members for free. A paid membership allows individuals to conduct in-depth searches for other members based on specific search details such as location, interests, age or religion. There are a wide range of forums and chat rooms where paid members can hang out to contact others and arrange meetings. A few of the chat rooms are freely accessible to all members, regardless of membership status or payment history. Friend Finder does grant some members free access, but this is dependent on specific personal details which are not generally known. 

Silver and Gold members’ profiles are moved to the top of the search lists and they receive all Friend Finder services. Gold members also receive additional storage space. Friend Finder staff members review all complaints about inappropriate behavior and block members when necessary. 

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