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Services: Internet matchmaking for the Christian community

Location: North America

Ages: All

Cost: Free

Fusion 101 Reviews & Complaints


The Fusion 101 matchmaking site is a totally free sites for Christian singles who want to use the tools to find friends and long-term relationship partners. The Fusion 101  site operates in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand. The service offers mobile services and date apps to help Christian singles find their soulmates. Some of the tools that Fusion 101 offers include social networking, chats, professional dating assistance, mobile phone apps, penpal relationships and more. 

Fusion 101 serves Christians of all ages including teens, students, young adults, middle-aged people and older individuals. The site uses a Personality Profile and Questionaire to help users conduct reviews of potential matches via chat, email and photo sharing.

Membership of Fusion 101 is divided 60% female and 40% male. The majority of the members are white though about one fifth of the members are black with a small percentage of Hispanics and Asians. Some members have children and almost all have at least some college education. Members pay nothing—donations help to finance the site, as do paid advertisements which are seen throughout the site. Members can conduct free advanced searches with a variety of keywords including appearance, ethnic background, gender, interests, location, online now and pictures posted. 

Fusion 101 is operated by the Fusion Christian Dating Agency, an organization which is dedicated to helping single Christian men and women who are looking for a friend, romance, love and a lifetime partner who shares their Christian faith. The site is open to all Christians with an emphasis on members of Baptist, Pentecostal, Evangelical and Methodist denominations.  Fusion 101 does not tolerate inappropriate behavior on the site and will investigate any complaints and take action where indicated. 

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