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Services: Matchmaking events

Location: North America

Ages: 20s, 30s

Ages: 20s, 30s

Cost: Varies, depending on the service

Janis Spindel Reviews & Complaints


Janis Spindel is the owner of the Janis Spindel Dating Service which credits its success as a matchmaking program for high-powered singles to Janis’s sixth sense which allows her to identify suitable matches among professional, well-educated, influential individuals. 

Spindel was a successful entrepreneur and fashion executive before she branched and created the Janis Spindel “Club J-Love.” Janis plays “Cupid” to attractive upscale single professionals who want a matchmaking service that addresses their specific needs and expectations. Spindel works with singles throughout North America, assisting them to find their true matches by intuitive reviews of each person’s relationship needs.

 Spindel’s personalized matchmaking approach involves working intensively with each client in order to review the person’s dreams and hopes for their anticipated future partner. She reviews each club member’s past relationship history to assess their successes and failures which then helps her create the right matchmaking package for that person’s particular situation.  Even listening to the individual’s complaints about past dating experiences is, in Janis’s estimation, helpful when creating new relationships.

The Janis Spindel program requires new members to fill out a profile and wait for approval. Janis only approves members who, she believes, will have a good chance of being matched due to the expectations of her members. Once an application has been approved and the membership fee paid Janis will begin to match the individual with prospective dating partners whose profiles match. 

Janice meets with all new members for a personal consultation and evaluation. Following the initial meeting Janis’s staff members assist her in creating suitable matches for the program’s members. 

The program has been featured on Dr. Phil, ABC Nightline News, the Today Show, 60 Minutes II, CBS Early Show, Wall Street Journal, New York Times Magazine, Fox News and others news outlets.

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