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Services: Online matchmaking

Location: Worldwide

Ages: All

Cost: $30/month + $8 for extra enhancements

Payment Methods: Credit Cards and PayPal

Match Complaints and Reviews

Members is one of the largest online dating sites with a membership that runs into the millions. It was one of the earliest dating websites and has been operating since 1995. claims that up to 500,000 singles may have found meaningful relationships through’s online singles and personals within one year.

The layout of the page makes site navigation easy. A member, whether paying or free, reviews the profiles of other members using the advanced search tool. Only paid members can send or respond to email messages. All profiles, called “portraits” must undergo reviews by’s Customer Care before being posted to ensure that inappropriate material is not included in a portrait. features a large range of special features including Platinum, MindFindBind and MatchWords. MatchWords allows members to define a list of words that other members can use to search for them. provides members with suggested and popular MatchWords to help start the introduction process. Platinum is a professional matchmaking service that provides personalized service to individuals who want a more customized touch or who don’t want to take the time or effort to search for partners themselves.

MindFindBind is also a personalized service. It involves a monthly program that guides a member through the preparations for dating, identifying a suitable partner and learning how to develop the relationship. This service relates to the psychology of dating and may be helpful to people who have little or no experience dating, or whose previous experiences have been unsatisfactory.

Of the complaints that some members and potential members have about is that their pricing structure is hidden, making it difficult for potential members to fully compare and contrast the program with other online dating sites. 

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