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Services: Internet matchmaking

Location: Worldwide

Ages: All

Matchmaker Complaints and Reviews


Matchmaker is a small and intimate online matchmaking service which caters to individuals who are age 35 and older and generally earn higher-than average salaries. The site limits membership so that there are fewer members online at any one time but believes that those that are there are serious about initiating serious long-term relationships. 

To set up a Matchmaker profile individuals enter information about their location, what makes them unique and their current family/relationship status. In addition they are asked to indicate their religious faith, level of religious commitment and high school/college education. Individuals are also asked to submit a photo. 

The basic Matchmaker search involves age and location while other searches include searchs for people who are online, searches who new members from a specific geographical area and searches for people who match the user’s personality profile. Paid members receive higher search rankings in the search tool.

Members may communicate with other members by chat, expressions of interest and emails. There is also an option for sending video messages. Heart symbols help users keep track of the people whose profiles that they’ve viewed—half a heart indicates that one member has viewed the other while a whole heart indicates that two members have viewed each other’s profile. 

Members may send digital gifts including flowers, a pet, a stuffed animal or a dessert. There are also chat rooms and the ability for a member to mark another member as a favorite. There is also an online magazine available with dating hints and advice.  

The client support at Matchmaker is good. A FAQ page provides answers to the most asked questions and email support is answered promptly. There is also an advice page which provides advice about blind dating, entering the dating scene and overcoming dating insecurities.

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