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Services: Professional matchmaking

Location: California

Branches: Mountain View, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Irvine, Sacramento, San Jose and Walnut Creek

Ages: All

Events: Group Dinners

Table for Six Complaints and Reviews


Table for Six Matchmaking is a unique dating service which creates social introductions in a relaxing atmosphere within group interactions at locations throughout California. Experienced matchmakers are able to assess a member’s profile and use those characteristics to set up dates which include six compatible individuals who share similar backgrounds, interests, values and goals. This service has been operating for many years with few complaints.

Table for Six has branches in Mountain View, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Irvine, Sacramento, San Jose and Walnut Creek. These locations were chosen because of their large population of eligible singles.

Joining Table for Six involves an extensive interview process during which the matchmakers review the needs and expectations of the potential member and screens the individual to ensure that they are a good candidate for the program.

Following the interview process, Table for Six matchmakers starts including the person in dinners which are set up in their area. These dinners each include six people, three women and three men, enabling participants to meet and interact in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Following dinner dates the T46 matchmaker speak with the participants to ascertain whether there were any sparks. Individuals themselves may continue on to establish future dates or, if they wish, the Table for Six matchmakers will assist in creating a more intimate introduction. Trained staff members are also on hand to provide additional dating advice and guidance, as requested. 

If any clients have complaints about another member’s inappropriate behavior, the Table for Six matchmaking staff will immediately conduct reviews of the incident and take any needed action. 

Each member’s profile serves as the center point of the matchmaking process. Before an individual is add to the database, he must first undergo a number of Table for Six reviews. Once a member is approved, all his preferences are written down as well as any previous dating complaints they had. 

Each member is assigned a personal matchmaker that carefully reviews their profile. After finding a like minded single, all historic complaints are reviewed to make sure that a couple is truly compatible. After the couple meets for the first time, their matchmaker checks in to get any feedback, reviews or complaints from the date. Assuming all went well, another date will be set up for the couple. 

Years of matchmaking have made Table for Six a trusted name in the California dating scene. Many happily married couples have filled the web with great Table for Six reviews. Although complaints do trickle in here and there, a fast web search will show that most members have no Table for Six complaints.

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